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The new wave of journaling

Journaling has many proven benefits, but the process is outdated and often mundane (especially for kids). That's why we've re-imagined the way kids reflect, to keep it fresh and engaging every day.

Why choose Nudl?

7 minutes, every day. We know that life is chaotic and time is like gold dust. That's why we're on a mission to show that improved confidence, growth and happiness can be achieved in just 7 minutes a day.

Studies have shown that every day, on average, children spend:

2 hours 11 minutes on the internet
(Probably their favourite YouTuber right?)
1 hour 52 minutes watching TV
(Ever heard of Netflix?)
49 minutes ironing, cooking and cleaning
(Ok, we made that one up. Let's move on)

Finding 7 minutes every day to sit down, turn off any screens, and reflect on all the chaos and glory of the day could have a huge impact.

Beyond the more obvious benefits (such as a boost in mindfulness, memory and communication skills), scientific studies have also shown that reflection and journaling can lead to better sleep, more self-confidence, a stronger immune system and a higher IQ. Plus it’s a great way to help you stay in touch with your child’s wellbeing.

With all that goodness at your fingertips, let’s take a look at how Nudl helps to bring it to life. Our journal has 4 unique and considered parts...

1. Daily Journal

With so much going on, it’s easy to forget the nuances of the day, so it’s important to have a space to reflect at the end of each day while the memories and reactions are still fresh in the mind.

But Nudl does things differently. Having the same prompts every day can get boring, repetitive and hard to stick with (especially for our younger audience). The Nudl journal offers new prompts every day, with regular references and activities in the theme of your chosen journal.

2. Nudl Nominees

Forget about the Oscars or the Brit Awards, you’ve got yourself a front row seat the Nudl Awards! Once a week, they’ll write down their nominees for our 4 prestigious categories. At the end of the month, we’ll roll out the red carpet, look over the nominees and crown your winners.

+  Funniest Moment of the Week
+  Kindest Gesture of the Week
+  Biggest Challenge/Achievement of the Week
+  MVP (most valuable person) of the Week

3. The Tanks

True happiness comes from a range of different things, including things you do for yourself, and things you do for others. We like to break it up into 4 simple categories: Mindfulness, Gratitude, Kindness and Growth.

Think of the Tanks as a glorified tally chart. Each of the 4 categories contains 4 prompts, which they’ll add a tally mark to if it happened that day. These are things like ‘I did something I love’ or ‘I said thank you’ or ‘I helped someone’. This will help them discover what they’re currently great at, and what they can focus on doing more of next month.

I did something I love today

I was mindful of my screen time

4. Hey, You Rock!

Kindness is easy. That’s the message ‘Hey, You Rock’ aims to deliver.

In every pack you’ll find a matching themed postcard that’s completely blank on one side. That’s because it’s not a holiday card or a birthday card, this is a chance to spread kindness to someone for absolutely no reason at all. Whether it’s a nice message to a parent or guardian, a thank you to a teacher, or a note to a best friend... encouraging and acknowledging kindness is the mission (and telling people they rock is never a bad idea).

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